Investigation and disciplinary process

When the syndic calls: what to do?

Me Pascale Dionne-Bourassa, in collaboration with Me Annie Boivin-Breton

Many professionals question themselves regarding the various aspects of the disciplinary process more particularly regarding the process followed by the syndic and the sanctions imposed by the disciplinary council. This article presents the various steps of the disciplinary process in order to foster a better comprehension of this process.

Being the object of an enquiry by the Professional Order to which one belongs is a very stressful situation. At d3b, we understand what this represents for a professional.

This situation is stressful for many reasons. First, in many cases, this is a first time occurrence and hence a new situation with which the professional is not familiar. Second, this situation carries its load of unpredictability and the absence of control by the professional. There is also the obvious fear of not knowing what will happen and if the professional will be able to continue to earn a living under the circumstances.

All these elements are such that it is preferable to enlist the help of a lawyer who can explain the situation, what is at stake and help to put things in perspective to ensure the decisions are taken in a rational and informed manner.

d3b is there to advise and support the professional in this difficult situation. We go beyond the legal advice in order to help you put this hardship behind you.

Link to the French version of the article: D3B- Étapes processus disciplinaire